Diploma in English

Four compulsory units:
Explorations in literature I
Explorations in literature II
Approaches to text
Renaissance comedy: Shakespeare and Jonson

The Diploma in English

The Diploma in English, which was introduced in 1996, has been developed following the success of the BA English. The Diploma will appeal to two different kinds of student. Firstly, there are those who would like a University of London award in English, but do not feel ready to commit themselves to studying for a full
degree programme. Secondly, there are students who do not satisfy the University’s entrance requirements for the degree. The Diploma gives these students the opportunity to gain access to the degree if their Diploma studies are successful.

Objectives of the BA programme

You will study a range of literary and other works written in different styles and periods; from this study you will develop an awareness of changing rhetorical techniques and effects, as well as greater knowledge of many literary works.

The study of English is concerned with questions of meaning, social behaviour and structure, as well as with problems of aesthetic and cultural value. Your work directs you not only towards a wide range of examples of writing but also towards greater awareness of moral and social questions, surrounding the techniques through which analysis and persuasion are achieved.

You will develop a broad range of skills, including general communicative competence as well as more technical skills of literary-critical analysis.

The key skills gained should provide a sound basis for a range
of careers including the civil service, teaching, research, media
and business.

Note: These awards are specifically concerned with the study of English literature and it is assumed that prospective students will already be fluent in spoken and written English. The programme contains no element of training in language proficiency.

Transfer to the BA English

If you obtain the Diploma in English you may transfer your registration to the BA English and be automatically credited with the papers passed in the Diploma. In effect, you will go on to the advanced units of the BA English and will be able to complete the degree in a minimum of two further years. You should note that a student registered for the BA English who passes the foundation units cannot be awarded the Diploma in English