Certificate In Bilingual Studies (CBS)

If you obtain the Diploma in English you may transfer your registration to the BA English and be automatically credited with the papers passed in the Diploma. In effect, you will go on to the advanced units of the BA English and will be able to complete the degree in a minimum of two further years. You should note that a student registered for the BA English who passes the foundation units cannot be awarded the Diploma in English


A practical, vocational alternative to a traditional “A” level, for all those working in the public or voluntary sector and who wish to use their language skills in their workplace.

All tasks in the examination are based on real-life situations in a public service context (Local Government, Health Service, Social Services, etc.)


Demonstrates proven capability in English and other languages at foundation level. Whether already employed or looking for a new career you will be qualified to use your language skills, improving your career prospects.

A useful starting point for those wishing to become professional interpreters. The CBS is a stepping stone towards the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting (DPSI), a higher, professional level examination offered by the IoLET.


Wide range of languages covered The examination is available in more than 40 languages.

Tailored examination.

If you have specific needs, and provided there are sufficient candidates, an examination can be devised to cater for these; e.g. for those in a branch of the Health or Probation Service


Officially accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority.
Entered in the National Qualifications Framework at Level 3.


The examination is held in May (Deadline for applications on 31st January) and consists of the following modules:

Role-play in a bilingual context

Sight translation from English and the other chosen language.
Letter in English and the other chosen language
Translation into English and the other chosen language.

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